Noob : Configuring Slic3r for UP mini 2?

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Noob : Configuring Slic3r for UP mini 2?

Post by yoobeesod » Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:58 am

I was wondering if anybody had set up Slic3r to write gcode that works for the UP! Mini2 at all? I admit, I am a complete noob when it comes to knowing what I am doing in Slic3r compared to the more 'load and click' simplicity of UP Studio...

I tried using the gcode start/end from the gcode tutorial shown for Simplify3D in Slic3r's Printer settings (images attached). I originally made a typo in the start code ("Z-s" and not "Z-2" - doh!) which saw the platform lift up and jam against the extruder nozzle loudly until I turned it off.
PrinterGCode.JPG (28.71KiB)Viewed 4684 times
I figured perhaps I should have set the Z offset to the height (nozzle around 124mm) but then I get a 'motion error' on the printer... Like I said, no idea what I'm doing here.
xyz_settings.JPG (55.2KiB)Viewed 4684 times
After those two problems, I'm a little paranoid about breaking something (its the companies printer) so haven't tried again. Anybody here have any tips/settings/solutions? I've attached a couple of screenshots to show what I'd done...

The main motivation to try Slic3r (well, anything other than UP studio) is because I'm struggling to get good results with non-UP filament (its Wanhao branded PLA). If I do get anything printed, the supports just won't come off like they do when using the more expensive UP brand filament. If I can even lift the corner of the raft away from the base, its more like I'm tearing it off rather than snapping it cleanly. Leaves pretty messy results if I can even get this stuff removed.

The Makerbot2 I borrowed works just fine with the same PLA, and the support material it was printing was really clean and easy to remove. I guess UP Studio's supports may be part of the problem.

I figure something else may create better support structures that are easier to break away, it may resolve the headache of getting prints at least removed and cleaned. I know Simplify 3D is a preferred tool, but unless there's a free trial we can test to convince the company to spend more money, I'm looking at free options for the time being. :roll:

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