Print Heat Crash

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Print Heat Crash

Post by LostOnEarth » Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:02 pm

Hi there,

Just got a Up Mini 2 a couple of days (personal use) and first print all went well, no issues, good quality. On the second print I ended up having a head crash that ended up breaking the head/nozzle and melt the nozzle support. Printing with the included ABS, no custom settings, using the Flex board with automatic calibration.

1. How did this happen? 3D print got unstuck from print bed and crashed on the nozzle, maybe?
2. How to avoid it in the future? Does it happen often?
3. As you can probably guess this damaged the print head and even if I try to put the nozzle back inside the head support it immediately goes out again on the next print/extrude. I have already raised a ticket with support, but is there a way to repair this? Or receive at least a replacement nozzle/head?

Thanks in advance,
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