Mini up 2 heating issues

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Mini up 2 heating issues

Post by kt_sky1314 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 7:33 am

Hi All

My name is Jack , and my printer have a heating issue.

Case 1
1. When i turn on the printer, the software show the print head already have 80~90 degree. But I touch it was cool.

Case 2
1. restart it, and when I try to print something for testing, it show the message said print head is too cool and then stop printing process.

Case 3
1. I can't pre heat the panel over 60 degree, when it closed to 60 degree then the software show it will cool down and go back to 5x degree

Any idea?

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Re: Mini up 2 heating issues

Post by bjorn » Tue Feb 26, 2019 6:50 pm

Case 1 is quite a strange failure for the type of sensor in use, inclined to think the problem lies with the PT100 amplifier. Next time you experience errors, try disconnecting the ribbon cable on the extruder and see how/if that affects it. The temperature should show some 3-400 (edit: 397) degrees when the sensor is disconnected. (And do not disconnect the ribbon cable while the printer is moving/extruding, only when pre heating otherwise you may risk damaging a stepper driver)

Case 3, what is the bed temperature set to in the material profile? Given that it seems to regulate I'd guess the settings are wrong?

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