Printer disappears from WiFi

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Printer disappears from WiFi

Post by stephb » Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:57 pm

HI all,

Since last night, my printer (UpBOX+) no longer wants to stay on WiFi. It appears in UP Studio, I can calibrate, initialize, but as soon as I try to print it disappears. This has been working for a while and no, there is no WiFi interference( this is a cabin in the woods so there is only one Ap showing up in WiFI).

It appears I can no longer activate this printer either. Rebooted everything several times. The version of Mac OS X is 10.13.6, printer is 353, and latest App Studio This is starting to look like the Mini ES problems I have - however I was told that this is because the Mini ES firmware is not compatible with App Studio 2.4, waiting for 2.5.

Any suggestions? I have been printing a week straight without a single issue.


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