Problems printing with Colorfabb copperfill

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Problems printing with Colorfabb copperfill

Post by Huskynut20 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:23 am

I generally use genuine UP filaments (primarily ABS), but have used Taulman nylons and PETG quite successfully in the past.
I've just got a roll of Colorfabb Copperfill and having not much success with it.. hoping someone can give some advice...

I've had two hotend clogs in rapid succession (never had any real problems with this in the past). The issue seems to be in the hotend itself rather than the nozzle.. when I remove the nozzle it will still not extrude through the hotend. The first time it clogged I removed the head and wound up carefully clearing the hotend with a drill bit (on very slow speed). Then cleaned out the nozzle and reassembled.. it worked fine for about five minutes, then promptly clogged again.

The filament seems dimensionally OK - it calipers around 1.70 mm (I had problems with a batch of Taulman filament and learned the hard way that UP printers are very intolerant of anything over 1.75mm).
The print settings I'm using are 215 degrees at the hotend, and 60 degrees on the bed.
Layer thickness is .2mm, Nozzle size 0.4mm, and print speed is normal.

Any advice appreciated on getting this working reliably.


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