My Up box experience.

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My Up box experience.

Post by Zenitram » Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:57 pm

Hi everybody. It is nice to have such a community. I have learnt many things.
I have had an Up box for 4 months, and I would like leave here my experience.
First of all have to say that the Box is a great printer and the results are amazing (when it works).
The beginning was hard. Even doing everything by the book, I always ended with the clogs and having to clean the gear.
Now this is fixed. After doing the calibration, from time to time, I have to set the nozzle height .5 mm lower.
I keep the board screws very lose, so it is very easy to attach, the small balls with the spring are enough to hold it.
The temperature mod is important (thanks to the creator). I can print with 3rd part filaments without problem, just lowering a bit the temperature 5 to 7 degrees is enough. I printed a holder for the different filaments.
PLA printing temperatures are more problematic, you have to tray by extruding until you get a nice filament, after that, top door and extruder cover window must be open. 0.1mm layer goes not very good but .2 is quite good and even .15 works.
Now the problems.
1st, red letters, stop printing and temperature error.
In this case was the temperature sensor, I had to replace the head.
2nd. Again temperature errors, in this case the sensor was good, so I followed the sensor signal to discover the flat ribbon was bad. The extreme in the extruder side is almost fused.
I repaired it more or less, but it needs to be replaces, if I can find out where buy it.
3rd. plastic gear cover broke, so no pressure to the filament and no extrusion. Only clonk clonk noises.
This time there is no solution. I have seen the little piece in an Australian store, but they do not send to Europe.
After 2 weeks with an open ticket, the technical service does not offer a solution. Asking the representatives do not repair the printer if they lack of the necessary spare parts.
I understand that the country representatives cannot or do not want to have all the possible spare parts, but for sure the maker in china must have everything and could sell online.

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Re: My Up box experience.

Post by Tiertime-Jason » Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:37 am


As we provide one year warranty, you can get free replacement part from your local reseller.
If you found none is solving our problem, you can also sent private message to me in this forum.
I will glad to help clear up any misunderstanding or bureaucracies for customers.


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Re: My Up box experience.

Post by Zenitram » Thu Feb 04, 2016 6:23 am

Thanks for the answer.
I cannot send private messages yet.
The firs problem is that the British dealer cannot send someone to see the the printer in Germany, where I live, he has to trust me. The German dealer pass.
the second problem is that they do not have spare parts even if I offer to pay for them.

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Re: My Up box experience.

Post by Tiertime-Ali » Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:56 am

Dear Customer,
Sorry for the inconvenience. We have already sent you our tech support's Skype id to your email address, please add it so that we can solve this issue of yours as soon as possible. We are also negotiating with your local distributor to support you on this matter.

Looking forward to your reply,
Technical Support
Tiertime Corporation

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