How many UP Box have been delived?

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How many UP Box have been delived?

Post by cadcam » Fri Jul 31, 2015 1:45 pm

I had hoped to buy an UP box a while ago, but it wasn't out in time and I so went for a Wanhao D5S which has been quite successful [now has headed bed, temp controlled enclosure, filter...] However I have been looking to buy another machine and was thinking about the UP Box again, but slightly concerned re how good it is. For such an interesting spec and the background of the the UP software, I was expecting to see lots of reviews and recommendations for home users and especially schools/universities who need a reliable unit and the ability to put numbers of small to medium sized builds on at the same time. However, there seems to be relatively little news/review traffic. Also some of the stalwarts of the Up Plus newsgroups etc don't seem to be posting about the Box, is this because

they are happy with their Plus?
Not purchased a Box?
Moved to another supplier?
No problems to report?

Has anyone seen details on

a) The number of UP Box sold
b) Any failures (A number of reports seem to indicate problems with the auto height) (is it reliable!?)
c) Any hints that there may be a second/updated version, to correct any problems?
d) Is there really an issue with the extruder reliability/longevity?
e) Anyone using it in a heavy use area like a school/University or even commercially?

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