[Feature Request] Magnetic Build Plate upgrades

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[Feature Request] Magnetic Build Plate upgrades

Post by brunningm » Mon May 07, 2018 11:53 pm

Hi All,

So I came across this looking for some build surfaces - http://www.the3dprinter.com.au/buildtak ... ate-system

It's actually been out for a while, at least 2016 judging from some reviews.

Basically, it's a metal plate that is glued down to the print bed, and then a second plate with the build surface on it. This allows the second surface to be removed and flexed without having to re-level the bed every single time you take a print out.

I honestly can't see any issues with this, as it's a pretty elegant solution. The only reason I'm not buying this one and seeing how it goes is due to the size...centered, I don't think I'd be able to manually level the bed as the nozzle might not hit...still looking into though so will see what happens.

Edit: I should have stressed this earlier, but more of a Quality of LIfe than a need. It would be nice, but it would take some R&D to make sure it could be done properly by TT.

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