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Hotend Compatibility between models

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:55 am
by brunningm

I was thinking about nozzles, and how the upbox+ uses an internal thread nozzle, when the rest of the 3d printing world seems to use exteranl threaded nozzles (Mostly your CR10s and such) and how this makes finding nozzles somewhat more difficult.

The original upbox hot end appears to be an external threaded unit...would it be compatible with an UPbox+?

For instance, I want to look into hardened hotends, and maybe even go for a ruby nozzle for carbon fibre...but no one manufactures them in internal thread style..

I Don't mind the idea of getting an entire new extrude assembly system, one for each style so I can quick swap...but I'd like to confirm they're compatible first.