I want to start a print half way through the STL.

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I want to start a print half way through the STL.

Post by mr6k » Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:18 pm

Anyone any ideas.

This may seem mad but I want to print a water filter for a pump (rate around 150L/m) It struck me that the UP fill pattern would make an ideal filter grid.

In theory I would creat a STL file of a solid cylinder with a loose fill set on the UP and could at the lower end just hacksaw off the bottom solid. But, at the top end I need to have a hollow tube to fit to a pipe. Is there any way I can pause the print then cause the software to skip the solid upper layers of the the cylinder and then conitinue with the hollw tube. This hollow tube would start at the same diameter as the "soid" cylinder then reduce down to a 1" pipe adaptor.

I can see another way to get the bottom end to start at the loose fill. Run the printer until it started to loose fill the cylinder, pause, remove the print from the platform, insert a spacer on the platform that exactly matched the print height so far, then continue, a bit of a messy way to do it !

I suppose at the upper end I could stop the printer while it is still in loose fill mode. Create a second object being the upper hollow tube section. Reset the nozzle height to the height so far printed and just start a new print which, if I got it right, would just print on top of the previously stopped print.

Any other ideas?
(I know I could make several prints and ABS/MEK glue them together but I would rather not!


Peter (UK)