UP MINI 1 Click Click Click after Raft

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UP MINI 1 Click Click Click after Raft

Post by theda1 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 4:03 am

Checked Nozzle with industrial Temp Gauge (Not IR) drops to 170c Random
Replaced Lead
Replaced Hotend with new nozzle Heater and Thermister
Replaced extruder and Extruder stepper
Only thing left is Main board and I can not get one
Am I expected to through this away???
There does not seam to be one in Australia and the tiertime site does not have Australia in the checkout
I have reported this and nothing has been done.
8 bit main boards are under $100 32 bit main boards are just over $100
Any one know where I can buy one as this has been a problem for a good while waiting for parts only to find it is not it.

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