new version of funduct

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new version of funduct

Post by arhi » Sun Sep 23, 2018 2:56 am

new version of funduct, makes the cold end of the extruder waaaaaaaay cooler, makes motor cooler, allows for hotter printing (Nylon, PC ..) ... allows for "more retraction" .. all in all very very very useful mod for me.

V2 requires 8mm long screws (original are 6.5mm) 'cause I made tabs bit thicker (after a year+ V1 tabs broke from vibrations so I made V2 thicker). V2 also features a "fin" where you can screw your blower on so it stays more securely in.

Note that this duct does not feature a "door" to blow air on to the part being printed (required for PLA and some other filaments) as the idea was to make as much flow straight away from the extruder (you will notice it blows up, away from bed and part) .. if you want to print PLA then use another mod in combo with this one to add a part cooling fan:

Note that the mod increases the overall height of the extruder so I can't say if it can fit the boxed printers, but the UP Plus, UP Plus2 and similar open frame printers should all benefit

Image attached is "pre V2" (the first attempt, before I added opening for the screwdriver so you can reach screw and with small missalignment of the fan mount hole), the V2 is nicer :D
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