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3d printer with remote monitoring and shutdown

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:30 pm
by hoek67
Following on with the ability to setup a webcam next to (or above etc) a 3d printer it would be great to be able to get remote feedback and have the ability to pause (or stop or even shutdown) a 3d print. Not too sure how I'd handle it if logged on to a web cam and saw a blob of molten plastic burning and smoking everything and having no ability to shut it down on the spot.

:idea: I think I have a way to generically do this that should work with any device capable of viewing web pages.

I've done a lot of programming involving processes and reading memory and window text. Therefore an application that sits and monitors the up application should be possible. By finding and reading certain bits of window text it should be possible to get the current status of the running print job... or whether one is even printing.

I have a mySQL database on a server and the application can communicate with it to update print job status and it can also read the status to see if a command to pause, stop etc has been sent via an external web page.

The command to halt a job may be as simple as creating a shortcut to a like such as " ... ction=stop"

Likewise the command to view the status may be " ... ion=status" and it would display the time the status was updated and things like % complete, bed temperature, nozzle temperature and any other useful things that can be scrapped off the application.

The application may also be able to detect if yawcam is running and pass the ip address of the feed to the web application so it can use it.

I mucked around tonight and got a mySQL database test working as I have not touched php for like 10+ years.

When I have a 3d print running I feel like I need to check it regularly and this will give me more freedom especially if I can monitor and turn it off with an ipod etc.

Re: 3d printer with remote monitoring and shutdown

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:49 pm
by hoek67
:( Hit a slight snag as the Up Studio is an application in a single window and does not seem to have any other widgets to search for after the main window.

The older Up Printer software is a "normal" Windows application and has a heap of status bars etc unlike the new one.

The new one also does NOT have any hot keys to pause or stop either. You have to physically find and click on "magic" buttons that appear depending on where you are in the menu.

More than likely I can still make a remote shut down but it will only work if the application stops the print after getting a shutdown message.

Going to ask Tiertime if they can add a small bit of functionality

Basically have some hot keys in the application that can pause/resume or stop a print job and one to stop and close the application. Currently the application has 0 hotkeys etc.

At the moment the title bar of the application is just "Up Studio" and it seems it never changes. It would be great if the title bar reflected the current status of the printer.

Some examples are :-

"Up Studio | Uninitialized"
"Up Studio | Ready | 22.5C/22.6C"
"Up Studio | Heating | 77.5C/22.6C"
"Up Studio | Printing | 2.4% 3.50 Hours remaining | Layer 1/200 | 90.5C/240.4C"
"Up Studio | Paused | 2.4% 3.50 hours remaining | Layer 1/200 | 90.5C/240.4C"
"Up Studio | Stopped | 2.4% | Layer 1/200"
"Up Studio | Finished | 3.6 Hours taken | Layer 200/200"

The title text would be in the native language but it means it's easy to scrape the status off the application and pass remotely to someone.

Pause ... will only work if a job is printing ... and will update the status
Resume ... will only work if a job is paused ... and will update the status
Stop ... will only work if a job is printing ... and will update the status

I think adding the above changes would add some value to the entire system and open up the possibility for people to remote check and action their print jobs. This would especially be great for those that leave jobs running while at work. It also comes down to safety as I do not like leaving long job unattended for hours on end.

Re: 3d printer with remote monitoring and shutdown

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:24 am
by Owen Sparks aka Marksman

I like where you're going with this :-)

May I ask though why you don't just use a remote desktop app such as teamviewer? (Free for personal use.)

This would allow you to remotely see the local software and click any button you wished, and it would be immune to TT changing the software in the future without it screwing up your software.


Owen S.

Re: 3d printer with remote monitoring and shutdown

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 12:40 am
by hoek67
I guess remote desktop would work... but it means installing software and I have no idea if it would work off an iphone, ipad etc.

The way I had envisioned would be the ability to just send a command to a web page to get feedback from a job. It would be quite easy to pull the webcam address out of the same database record and show the current feed + a button to pause etc depending on the current status.

Just to make sure no one else can view or kill other jobs a unique key would also be incorporated along with the serial number of the printer.

My ipod takes like 5 seconds to warm up and from there I can check the webcam almost straight away. If something is wrong I could send the cancel command which the software on the same PC as the printer would pickup in the next minute.

Nothing worse than setting... watching 1st 20+ layers print then going to bed and waking to a blob of melted plastic 10 hours later.

Re: 3d printer with remote monitoring and shutdown

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 5:19 am
by Owen Sparks aka Marksman
That sounds wonderful, I really hope you get somewhere with TT implementing the bits you need to make it happen. Please keep us updated.

Also did you see TT's new print queue software for the new models? No idea yet if it'll be just for those printers or if it'll replace studio but there might be some good stuff there.

Cheers, Owen S.