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heated bed

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:44 pm
by arhi
the new studio app somehow messed up heating with 2.18 too so in studio preheat don't work and in 2.18 it drops to 50C and does not go all the way up to 100 and I need 100C for my printbite to properly grab the abs .. printing on the slury works great but I like the ease of remove of objects from printbite + I don't like mess the slury creates so .. while working for the preheat to be solved in studio I created a small aluminium pcb heater for the up so now I can externally set the temp I want and no need to worry about what's up firmware doing :D

work in process, the heater is there, (the printbite goes over), need to mount the thermistor and hook up the psu and some controller .. should be up and running by tomorrow :D
new print bed heater
newBed.JPG (283.52 KiB) Viewed 7085 times

Re: heated bed

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 7:06 am
by Tiertime-Jason
What happened to the print head? That is quite a bit of modding. :geek:

Re: heated bed

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 1:29 pm
by ricks01
Tiertime-Jason wrote:What happened to the print head? That is quite a bit of modding. :geek:
Yes, I LOL'ed when I saw the picture

Re: heated bed

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 6:07 pm
by arhi
Tiertime-Jason wrote:What happened to the print head? That is quite a bit of modding. :geek:
HAHAHAH, that's old mod, nothing smart really ... just a multiturn pot and a switch to control the temp...
the "kinder-egg" on the line .. I have 3 of them, 2 between the spool and the ptfe tube, first one is full of silika gel to dry out the filament (doesn't do much but doesn't hurt neither), second one is a cleaning sponge, in theory you can put some oil there get filament smootly trough ptfe tube and trough the extruder but is not really necessary with filament I use, second egg is between tube and extruder it's clean sponge, should be removing excess oil, but since there's no oil it's just a second dust remover nothing else ..

left printed part on the picture mounted on the fan cooling the extruder is there to catch "fresh" air and not pull in the hot air rising from the extruder, the whole assembly there for cooling the extruder is adapted, there's no door to cool the print (I do 99.9% ABS), there's alu foil to deflect heet ... and the fan is a new maglev one, quieter, can move more air, last longer especially in "hot" conditions..

the central part is 2 parts, inner shroud that goes over motor (that is glued with more then 20 memory heatsinks) and outside shroud... the inner shroud is held to outer one with screws from taht maglev fan on the right side and then outer shroud clicks on the top plate ..

the top box changed, originally I had there electronics with small oled display showing "original" temperature (what UP! firmware sees) and "real" temperature (what is real temperature of the hot end) .. there's a 10 turn 32R pot there that's "dropping the temp" and a switch across it to "disable the drop", I removed the lcd and the pcb from there when Studio came as no need for that drop any more, the pot and the switch I left there (they work) but the monitoring electronics and lcd I took for another project :D...

I think that's the whole picture explained ... any questions?

btw this printed parts, I modified them a bit but originally they are NOT my designs!!

1. the wind barrier (what heats the extruder and has no door for PLA):
2. what pushes on top of that fan to gather fresh air:
3. the part that goes over motor and cools it:
4. additional part to duct air from cooling the motor but I'm not using that one:

Re: heated bed

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:06 pm
by arhi
test no1, tried it with 12V psu, draws ~3A gets up to 50C in under a minute and then lags forever to get up to 80C ...
viewing directly the heater board:

I then let it cool to 50C and added the printbite board over the heater, replaced the 12V psu with 24V one as 12V will obviously be too slow to work with, draws bit under 6A now, starting from 50, up to 85 in under a minute ...

I see that heat is not evenly distributed (my heater could of have a better pattern there but I hoped the alu backing will solve the distribution issue, it does not :( ) ... so will test that after I'm done with electronics .. it's also possible that my printbite has no proper contact with the heater board as I have a small bump in the middle where I soldered the RTD .. so that could also be a reason as on video showing heater only the heat is evenly distributed..

Re: heated bed

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:07 pm
by arhi
cold to 100C in 4minutes, 150W heater power, this is temp of the printbite, heater under it is bit hotter, not too even yet (~10C difference in parts of the board, not too problematic but I don't like it) so I'll definetely add aluminium board between heater and printbite as there's also a small .2mm buldge in the middle from the soldering that I was not able to sand out (tried both sanding the solder joints and the printbite but does not work :( printbite is too thin, will add alu board that I can properly sand in that region..

anyhow, who likes thermal videos..