Idea: up!mini heated chamber

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Idea: up!mini heated chamber

Post by WMS » Wed Jun 08, 2016 5:56 pm

Hi Guys,
i am currently thinking about a rather drastic conversion of my Up!mini to enhance ABS printing quality by turning it into a heated chamber printer. I would like to hear your opinion and suggestions about this.

Plans/Ideas so far:
# Divide the enclosure into two separate volumes, a heated print chamber and an isolated area for the electronics.
# Add a layer of insulation foam to the entire inside to reduce energy loss to the environment. Leave a gap for the moving cable for the platform. May use some kind of curtain to limit airflow.
# Add some holes for ventilation and a small fan to the back of the enclosure.
# put spacers and insulation foam under the circuit board to enhance air flow around the board.
# put a heating foil on a copper sheet and mount it to the printer side. Airflow from the extruder should distribute the warmth through the printer
#use a thermostat to control the temperature and prevent overheating

I guess you could heat the chamber to 80-90 °C without a problem. Wouldn't go any higher, I melted some of the bearing holder overusing a heat gun to speed up preheating. Calculated the components cost about 60-70 bucks. What do you think?

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Re: Idea: up!mini heated chamber

Post by wackojacko » Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:00 am


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