Replacement Nozzle

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Replacement Nozzle

Post by Kai » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:29 am

I had issues with my prints due to old nozzle. So far I used the original UP mini nozzle with about 10kg mostly ABS.
Then I experienced issues with overhangs of 45°, partly the where falling down.

I diagnosed the issue due to an uneven extrusion coming out of the nozzle. You can easily spot this when you extrude some material in the maintenance mode. Ideally the extruded material flows evenly and straight down. In my case it was slightly going to one side. Since I had no spare UP mini nozzle I tried to clean it with Acetone and a 0.4mm copper wire, but the extrusion was still not straight.

I had an E3Dv6 0.4mm Nozzle laying around: ... 4mm-En.htm

The outer M6 thread and total length fits to the UP, but the inner bore was too small to fit on the heating pipe of the mini. The UP mini nozzle has a 3.5 mm inner bore. So I used a drill to bring up the E3Dv6 Nozzle to 3.5 mm. This task was surprisingly easy to do. I just had a handheld battery drill and a strong plier to hold the nozzle during drilling. I used a HSS 3.5 mm drill. I drilled all the way to the end of the nozzle before the 0.4 mm hole starts. You will easily feel when you end up there to stop further drilling.

Then I screwed the new nozzle to the UP mini and the resulting extrusion was straight and clean :)

I noticed that the E3D nozzle is more slim at the very end, meaning less diameter at the nozzle end. This contributes to a more clean layer build at the corners than the original nozzle. So I am happy with the new nozzle, I can get this nozzle in Europe much more easily and cheaper than the original one.

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Re: Replacement Nozzle

Post by ricks01 » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:43 pm

Well I am sure the Up people appreciate that you posted this...

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