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My first stepper cooler modification

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:34 pm
by mrgibbon
Hi All, I took a leaf out of jeeplvr's book and tried my hand at a stepper cooler for my Up Mini.
Actually I modded his design. Thanks! :)
I used Tinkercad, I dont have the skillz in anything else yet.

I made the platform where the circuit board fits on the top thicker as it was very snappable.
I also increased the width of the side panels in the same area for the same reason.
I put a 3mm hole right through the design, crossing through where the vent hole is, to add more ventilation.

The fan screws on the inside of the frame, not easy to change fans on this, but it keeps it simple.

View from the other side:

Some adjustment needed on this side, screw hole is splitting:

Fully assembled:

Heat sink I plan to cut and fit soon:

In place:

Future plans.
Fix screw hole, with more support.
Find a way to trim and mount the heatsink.
Might try a thinner fan next time, as this one is quite noisy.
Might move the fan away from the stepper a little way, to allow more air flow.
Find a 12v power supply inside the unit, instead of using an external one.

I might give PLA a try tomorrow!!!

If anyone wants the design, its not the prettiest thing, but it works, let me know. I'll be making the improvements soon.

Re: My first stepper cooler modification

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:59 pm
by tridament
how did you end up with 3rd party PLA?