UP! Mini Auto Bed Heat and Print Script

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UP! Mini Auto Bed Heat and Print Script

Post by mrgibbon » Sun Dec 27, 2015 8:13 am

Hi Guys, Ive been waiting to solve the little peeve I have with having to time the heating of my print bed before coming back into the room to hit print!
(First world problems!)
Anyway, I have written a little script using AutoIt, and have uploaded the compiled exe file to share with you guys.

So, I find that heating my bed for 20 mins before printing gives me damn good results. (Blue painters tape on the bed)
Here is what the exe file does on running:
Finds the UP! V2.18 window and selects it.
Enters the Maintenance menu and selects preheat for 1hr, and quits the menu.
Waits for 20mins.
Again it will find and select the UP! V2.18 window.
Hits the option to print, and hits OK to confirm.

You should then have you printer fly into action and deliver the print.
I just run this, and leave the room!
If you want the exe file to test, its here:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/v1onpfxzyjgxw ... n.exe?dl=0

Im working on a different version that lets the user input the number of minutes of preheating required.

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