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Food-Safe Coating?

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:31 am
by UPUPandAway
Does anyone know of something that could be painted onto the surface of an ABS part to make it food safe for dry food? Does dry food even have a toxic seepage problem with non-food safe materials (assuming nothing toxic was previously put in the container)? I was wondering specifically because of a salt and pepper container I was working on and wanted to see if anyone was knowledgeable about dry food and how it applies to food safe containers.

Re: Food-Safe Coating?

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 6:27 pm
by FallGuy
I know that they make food grade ABS available in sheets of various thickness for all sorts of uses, but I have never seen it in a filament form that could be used in a printer. I have used food grade silicone to make mold cavities for customized chocolates, mints and hard candies. Here is a site that has some information on it,

You can even find more on it if you do a search for it on

I am not sure how much "bad stuff" there could be transferred from our ABS to foods, but the silicone is so cheap and easy to use to act as a sealant, i always do.