Printed Racing Car - created with Leopoly

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Printed Racing Car - created with Leopoly

Post by Nathan » Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:23 pm

Dear Group,
I would like to recommend to you a new site I am working on, where you can CREATE 3D CHARACTERS for free. My aim is to establish an online, 3D sculpting app for easy 3D printing and for fun. The site allows users to co-create each others designs. You can even paint objects online, which is also a worlds first... In addition, I am proud to say, that Leopoly also works in 3D (anaglyph/polarized mode)! I would be more than happy if you would visit the site and give feedback about it.

I've just created this alien in 1 hour. You can also further shape or paint it if you feel like. Just click on the picture at:
All the best,

The sculpted car :)
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