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Re: SPAM reports to Admin

Post by roller » Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:02 pm

This forum could probably ban links in signatures and links in the first few posts.
It's not just the signatures - they put links all through their posts. The annoying thing is it's getting worse by the day. Six months ago we were just clearing 10 spammers a day (users require moderation approval for their first two posts on our Forum to keep the spam at bay for normal users) and now it is well over 200 per day. They between 5 moderators, we barely participate in the forum anymore - we just clean it.

Oh, and we mostly see these links as: advertising knock-offs from China, selling dodgy software from Russia or sending you to a site laden with Trojans to infect your machine. I don't think there are many legit businesses who are using such methods to gain business through such methods.

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Re: SPAM reports to Admin

Post by pilotltd » Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:47 pm

Edward wrote:Hi all, thank you for all your great suggestions. Till now the modiration seems work. Many spam are posted today and get blocked.

Thank you folks for all your great suggestions to make the forum away from the spams.
Unfortunately it takes days for new users like me to see my posts. All well and good putting new users on moderation, but the moderators need to be quicker taking some action releasing bona fide posts :(

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