Original UpBox Printing issues

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Original UpBox Printing issues

Post by TAP_MODELS » Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:56 am

Hi All

We have been experiencing issues with an original upbox.

We also have a few upbox+s which print no problems at all.

After lengthy testing, we thought we had narrowed down to an ongoing extrusion issue. We tested the printer with a few upbox heads all with new nozzles. We have tried printing with PLA and ABS (UP branded). What we noticed with both replaced heads is the stepper motor for the extruder is extremely hot (can't touch it, so above 65 deg.) Software is up to date. The flat flexible cable has also been replaced.

We were advised by 3D printing systems to order a second fan upgrade, which we installed and tested today.

We begun testing the original up box head with the upgrade on a up box + machine which delivered perfect prints.

Next we moved the head onto the original up box and it delivered the poor print which included notable gauze effect on top surfaces, failure to infil correctly and virtually no raft removal. This was printed in PLA, with both platforms perfectly level.

If anyone else has experienced issue with the original up box (not sure if it could be a firmware upgrade issue) please let me know as we would very much like to bring our first upbox back to life.

Please see the attached photo showing the issue.

Thankyou in advance for any information.

print test.JPG
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