UpStudio slicing problem

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UpStudio slicing problem

Post by simonwa2 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:08 am

I have an Up Box and have been using it with no problems with the old Up software (V2.18). I recently upgraded to the new processor to get wifi (which works well), but have encountered an issue with the quality and thickness of 1mm horizontal tabs and slots on parts. The problem seems to be with UpStudio.

On an electronics case I have a sliding battery cover. This has always printed well and the cover is a good sliding fit to the case. Both the slot in the cover and the tab on the case are 1mm thick. I print using 0.25mm layers in ABS+.

When switching to UpStudio so that I can use the new processor, I found that the slots were undersize (about 0.8mm) and the tabs oversize (about 1.2mm). So they would not fit together. This using the exact same stl files that previously worked and the same printer settings.

I changed the processor board back to original Up Box, and compared prints between the old Up software and the latest UpStudio. The old software consistently prints perfectly. UpStudio always prints incorrectly.

The attached photos show a printed electronics box with the sliding battery cover, and comparisons using test parts. In the comparison photos the UpStudio part is on the left and the old Up software part on the right. It's easy to see the difference in print quality. Parts printed on the same printer with the same settings, only the software is different.

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