Trouble with exporting from FreeCAD to UPStudio

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Trouble with exporting from FreeCAD to UPStudio

Post by Vere » Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:58 pm

Hi yall, newish user here

I'm trying to make some models to print for a research project with the UP mini here. I'm using FreeCAD because, well, it's free, and I really like the software. I'm having trouble though when I export my model and import it into the UPStudio software. When I export the .stl's and load them into upstudio, anything that was removed from a model (whether through pocket cut extruded from a drawing, or one 3d shape cut from another) doesn't load as having being removed in upstudio. I'll attach screenshots from a quick thing I threw together to demonstrate, one is from freecad of what it should look like with material removed, while the other is whats actually showing up in upstudio. The shapes that should be removed instead just show an outline, or appear as a 3d object instead of the removed space, and strange seeming random lines appear on the surface the material should have been removed from.

If anyone has any ideas what to do or how to fix this, I would be extremely grateful,

Many thanks!
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