Enable Up 2.15 (Mac) or 2.18 (Win) to print to Upbox+

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Enable Up 2.15 (Mac) or 2.18 (Win) to print to Upbox+

Post by ksprint » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:27 pm

Anyone know how to enable Up 2.15 or 2.18 to print to Upbox+?

Frustrated with Up Studio. My Upbox+ was doing fine when printing with Up Studio 1.6. Then came 1.7 and the app prompt me to upgrade. Didn't think much of it and upgraded. After the upgrade, printed ABS part stuck very hard to support. Used to be able to just crack open the part and easily taking it off support, but now have to use much more force, support stuck very hard, and much higher change of breaking the part. I did revert back to Up Studio 1.6, manual levelling print stage, enable easy peel, lowered print temperature to 260C, lowered platform temperature to 60C, and maximum cooling to nozzle, but still not getting what I used to get.

My company have 2 Upbox (not +), and using 2.18. Result was very much better than mine. Want to try 2.18 but printer refuse to be connected, ask to "Please update your app". If you know a way, even a software hack to allow me to try 2.18, please share. Thanks.

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