[BUG REPORT] Save print job and Reprint

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[BUG REPORT] Save print job and Reprint

Post by sn00ze » Mon Feb 20, 2017 6:08 am

Found this on version

I only print 6-8 different models in a production setting and so found Up Studio's new feature to save (up to 10) print jobs and then reprint them without having to send and spool each time to be a great time saver.


The issue and BUG is, when the print job is saved, the platform calibration settings and even the nozzle height value is also saved with it !
I discovered this after many words and failed print jobs bouncing off walls.

So after replacing the nozzle for whatever reason, I would set up the nozzle height and check platform calibration.
Click the gear icon next to 'Reprint' and choose a saved print job.... only to find the print was using the old settings, not the correct ones for new nozzle just set up.

Would be interesting to know if this exists on newer versions ??


Teirtime - It would be great to have a list of known bugs for each version, and bug fixes and added features on new versions.

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