Up Studio - No Support...But...

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Up Studio - No Support...But...

Post by hawk5d » Thu Feb 09, 2017 2:11 am

when in Simplify3D I specify 'no support', the support is completely skipped, cause I told to do so. In up software no support means 'a little less'. It makes no sense. I would like to have these options:

Only Base
NO SUPPORT (skip entirely the functions that generate it)

Is it possible to have this features anytime soon?


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Re: Up Studio - No Support...But...

Post by aesdaileblp » Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:52 pm

I've just had the same problem occur. I'm trying to print a complex part - incidentally JASON - one that prints perfectly on my Flashforge Creator Pro using Simplify3D as the generating software, yet I cannot print it on the Up BOX because the software keeps adding support, where none is necessary, INSIDE an air duct moulding, even though the Up Studio software has the NO SUPPORT option checked.

Jason - you challenged me to prove you wrong about consistently better prints from the UP Studio software - well you just lost that challenge! Is my prize BETTER SOFTWARE? :lol:
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Re: Up Studio - No Support...But...

Post by Marauderz » Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:23 am

What I noticed when you check no support is that parts that are floating in the air always seems to have supports added to them. Haven't tested it much and see if adjusting the surface angle setting would remove this need.

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