Rafts for thin geometry [FEATURE REQUEST]

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Rafts for thin geometry [FEATURE REQUEST]

Post by Andy_R » Wed Feb 01, 2017 1:18 am

I am trying to print a UAV airframe, similar to the 3Dlabprints models. This demands the lightest possible prints (for obvious reasons) however there are some limitations to the UP slicer which are slightly frustrating.

Firstly, the 3Dlabprints geometry is a combination of surfaces and solids overlaid on each other, where the surfaces generate single pass print geometry and the solids can be used to create structural components. This works really well on slicers like S3D, unfortunately the UP slicer ignores the surface geometry when generating the raft which makes for a hairy mess! Can we please have rafting for surface geometry...?

So, the only way I can get this to work on the UP slicer is to generate geometry as solids and print it using the thin shell feature. This limits my ability to cap the ends of light structures with rigid geometry. To this end, it would be great to be able to import several objects into UP Studio and place them in known positions relative to each other, but to be able to select the slicing method used for each component - i.e. different slicing agorithms applied to different geometry in the same print.

Also, a Z-lift for rapid-traverse would be great, or at least a rapid traverse outside the geometry to avoid the nozzle clipping thermally distorted geometry during the print

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