[SUGGESTION] Printing the Smear Line

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[SUGGESTION] Printing the Smear Line

Post by Marauderz » Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:37 am

So, what's the smear line? That's what I call the inital line the printer does in the corner to make sure any dangling filament gets stuck out of place.. hopefully.

Anyway, with the Up Mini 2, the process of printing the smear line is
- Bring Platform up to height 0
- Move head to corner
- draw line.

The problem is that the extruder would have most likely started running by the time the platform is moving up, so there might be a long string of filament coming out of the print head already, and it'll hit the platform and very likely drop on the CENTER of the platform instead of in the corner, making it in the way of your prints.

My suggestion is to move the head to the corner first, THEN bring the platform up.

Right now what I've been doing since my Up Mini 1 days was that as the platform was rising I'd take a tweazer and quickly remove any extra long filament from the print head first.

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