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BUG Report - UP Studio

Post by hoek67 » Sun Jul 24, 2016 3:35 pm

My hardware is UP 2 Plus running Windows 10 x64

(1) Printing preheat
When printing if preheat is chosen it doesn't work. (as verified by many) Once the nozzle gets to the predetermined temperature it's off and printing.

As the bed is the slow part to heat the nozzle shouldn't even heat until the bed is say 95% heated... this will prevent filament just sitting there cooking. Given the nozzle takes only a minute or 2 to heat... it would be acceptable to only start heating the nozzle once the bed has reached the predetermined temperature.

:o Just discovered... with the custom temperature of 90C it's hovering 84C to 88.4C but never actually getting >= 90C which MAY be the reason resume is not resuming. ATM the entire UP is in an enclosed case with no drafts and is the same even if I put a leather glove on the top of the pad to protect it. Just changed the custom temperature to 95C and it's hovering 96% - 98% of the temperature but never goes over.

Just had a job that actually resumed... but it does seem an issue is there where the temperature cuts out before the startup temperature is reached for the first time.

(2) Pause and resume
It seems if pause is pressed after the layers have been sent but before a print actually starts it will never restart. Have resumed and waited 10+ minutes and nothing happens. To make sure the bed is heated been pausing... waiting for the bed to heat up... then have to stop and quickly resend the print. I'd be guessing pause is waiting for the temperature to hit a threshold it's never going to reach before resuming.

(3) Usability / dropdown exit and minimize / semi-transparant
Have seen other people comment on this and I agree it's out of place and horrible to say the least. Needs to be removed and at the least just put an exit button on the main menu and a minimize button.

(4) Icons
I understand everyone has their own taste but some of the icons just make no sense (seen others tend to agree on this). I looked in the install directory under the scheme and saw a bunch of .png files for what seemed to be the buttons however they are non-standard.

:idea: Can we please have these as standard so people could customise them? The banners etc are fine but all the icons used for the graphics would be benefit if we could choose the image. If the image is 64x64 then people just supply their own, same with any other resolution.

(5) Cusomized materials
FANTASTIC that it's been added. Immediately got rid of my gross hardware hack and have had great results within the software using cheap reprapper filament for prototypes and experimenting.

Can we please have the following additions / amendments.

a) Optional description for each which is displayed with the nozzle temperature and bed temperature when selected.
b) Slightly longer name for the material code.

"ABS - UP", 270, 90, "Standard UP brand ABS - HOT!"
"ABS", 230, 90, "Generic default ABS"
"ABS - REP1n", 234, 90, "Reprapper ABS - normal speed"
"ABS - REP1fn", 225, 90, "Reprapper ABS - fine speed - lower temp as move through nozzle slower"
"PLA", 210, 50, "Generic default PLA"

(6) Tooltips
The menu buttons on the left have tool tips so it would be great if there were some on the top.

For example hovering over the material showed information on the material. (code, description, nozzle temperature and bed temperature)
Hovering over the nozzle would show current temperature, target temperature (if applicable) and % temperature of target temperature).
Hovering over the bed would be the same as nozzle except with the bed temperature.
Hovering over the time left ... if a job is running... would show what layer it's up to, number of total layers, layer thickness in mm, % of layers complete and any other useful information about the running job.

(7) Model viewing / adding / moving / rotating / scaling etc
Very good job... being able to click and drag around to move was much needed.

Would be great if could customize colors and even lights.

I noticed there was a file with lighting and color information so hope this could be something nice to give us.

Ability to change all back to defaults.

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