Thin Wall ?

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Thin Wall ?

Post by Protolink3d » Sun Oct 18, 2015 7:29 am

I see there is a new function called thin wall in version 2.16 of the software. I had a cursory look on the forum but did not really find an explanation to it. Sorry if it is discussed somewhere and I missed it. But can somebody please give me a good explanation what it is for ?

Going through the forum now I see a lot of repeat discussions on two issues going on, which I am also experiencing, and I have also made a comment on some of those threads. I just think it might be good to summarize here what my experiences are.

Support raft sticking and not being able to remove:

In my experience this is only when printing in 0.1mm. I thus avoid it for now as I print for clients and can't afford damage or ugly parts. 0.15mm is good and I have printed 0.2 and 0.3 without problems.

Using multiple Printers on one PC:

This is still a mess. IT DOES NOT WORK. I am using ver 2.16 software but when I try to load a print to one printer with the other printer connected I either get that awful tune with "Can't load motion program" or "Can't read printer parameters" So this still needs attention.

Tiertime if you are reading this, I think these are your burning issues to solve for the Up Box.

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Re: Thin Wall ?

Post by » Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:49 am

I assume you mean 2.17, that is the latest version.

I think they still stick to wall=two sides (so no single wall like open source printers) but the Thin wall option might slow down extrusion or something. They described it as Up wil try to print it anyway. And I can confirm it does make a difference, I had one model for a client that had a very thin logo and text that were more visible with Thin wall enabled - I hope TierTime will continue to develop or enhance this option because it can be very useful.

I also experienced a lot of models with raft problems (OEM ABS, various layer heights but I don't use 0.1 mm a lot), I think this has to do with the automatic calibration values..

When I calibrate the table I make sure the platform and nozzle are clean, I tried 0.2 mm because people mentioned that has the best raft release and still some areas (large spots) are fused while other parts are great to release.

Last night I decided to calibrate the table/platform manually, so I moved the nozzle around and turned the knobs until I got I leveled. Also delete all the values (reset) under Platform calibrate. I did no auto calibration and printed a very large flat part, on 0.25 mm layers and the raft came off much easier! So maybe the calibration values accidentally correct the part too while thee radt should only be corrected. Once the raft has been printed everything should be level and straight normally..

So I hope TierTime can solve this as the Up Plus was great with raft removal, if not the best in the business :D

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