[FEATURE REQUEST] arrangement of parts

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[FEATURE REQUEST] arrangement of parts

Post by rebizov » Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:10 pm

Don't know if this request exists in your pipeline or not but...
I've noted that up software is not perfect in arrangement of parts on the printing board.
2 suggestions:
1) As in example below you can see that bigger part (tube) is empty inside and one or two smaller parts could be placed inside of this tube, thus saving printing time (we can print more parts at the same time).
No actual collisions should occur as no supporting structures will be inside of the tube.

2) Software does not optimize parts for minimal nozzle/platform movement.
Look at the picture below. The part on the top right is rotated differently. if we would have rotated it by -90degrees around Z-axis then nozzle/platform movements would be optimized when printing top part of parts (less distance to travel)

Maybe this is kind of nooobie suggestions but I'd like to see great product to become even better!

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