Thermally Controlled Fans

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Thermally Controlled Fans

Post by whryly » Wed May 16, 2012 4:58 pm

Has Anyone swapped out the fans on the "motherboard" with something a bit more quiet?
Even when the unit has been running for a while, I don't even notice the slightest bit of heat being exhausted.
Could they be smaller? Run them at 1/2 speed?

Seems that for a few pennies more they could have included fans that had thermal control.
I don't have any small enough in my shop, but since the unit sits idol for quite a bit of time, rather than "shut it down", I rather just have the fans idol down or off.

Is there any reason NOT to do this?

And BTW, is there not a "shut down" or Sleep command?
It would be great to have "sleep at end of print" option.
I have noticed that sometimes when I push the front button, it doesn't actually complete the sleep mode.
But I have not investigated enough...