PTFE Tube & Replacement Nozzle

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PTFE Tube & Replacement Nozzle

Post by XOMR » Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:22 pm

Hello Up Mini Forum,

I recently ruined my nozzle on my UP Mini hotend by drilling it out with the wrong sized bit. Filament now extrudes too thick for clean prints. I also suspect I might have removed the PTFE tube, there doesn't seem to be one. But I did buy the printer used so its possible it never had one. Where does the PTFE tube go? Inside the hotend or upstream of it somewhere? What size tube do I need?

Regarding a replacement nozzle,I believe I need this style of nozzle - just the nozzle with female threads: ... r-tiertime

$15 for a piece of brass seems a bit much. There's other styles of nozzle that have a male thread on it: ... ter+nozzle

Can the male threaded nipple come out of the hotend to use different type of nozzle? If I have to replace the PTFE tube and nozzle am I just better off buying a new hotend?



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