Software feedback and ideas for Mac

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Software feedback and ideas for Mac

Post by Stefan » Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:39 am

After owning an Up Mini for 3 months I would like to give some feedback and put forward ideas for improving the software.

The Up Mini is a great little printer and have had heaps of fun with it. With some tweaks here and there I finally have it printing perfectly (mostly due to the V2 heat bed which I highly recommend!!).

Platform: Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3
Up Software Version: 2.1 (5)

- Simple software to use and easy to start printing
- Relatively easy to use after using it for a bit

- Software is limited (comparing to Simplify 3D)
- Software randomly crashes
- When sending layers to the printer sometimes it will stop transmitting the layers. The light on the printer continues to flash and there is no activity on the software. When this happens I need to force quit the app and hold down the power button until it responds and re-initialise.
- Software sometimes stops responding during prints. This can be frustrating as I cannot get information during the print such as which layer it is up to and temperatures.

- Would be good if we had more options to play with like with. If the Up Mini was opened to Simplify 3D that would be fantastic
- Better user interface (the scale and mirror with the mm/inch buttons confused the hell out of me when I started using the software).
- Display nozzle temp, bed temp, time elapsed, time remaining and which layer the print is up to on the bottom bar where it has SEND: LAYERS
- Put the view options in the top toolbar next to 3D Print for easy access as well as a Maintenance button
- A button within the software which gives the ability to turn on and turn off the Up Mini. This would help immensely when controlling it remotely.


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