A few questions (warping, small objects and settings)

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A few questions (warping, small objects and settings)

Post by Stefan » Tue Nov 03, 2015 6:07 am

Hello everyone.

Just introduced myself in the new users section and have been reading around on the forums. I have recently purchased an Up Mini! and have a few questions that I need answered and help with.

1) I cannot seem to find on the Up Mini! website the latest ROM, where is this located?
2) I am having trouble with warping when printing large objects. I have covered my board with blue tape which helped a tiny bit but I still get some minor warping. I have been reading that people use glue, other types of tape or the upgraded and much better heat bed. Any advice?
3) I have been designing many different bits and pieces for various items I have. I created a test piece which is a cylinder with a diametre of 13mm and a height of 5mm with the hole being 12mm. It loads into the software fine but when I go to print it says it will use 0.3g and take 1 minute. So what I did was I increased the height to 20mm and it still said the same 0.3g and 1 minute to print. All it prints is the supporting base for the object and that's it. I tried to print another larger cylinder which I did earlier and it printed that fine. Is there a limit on how big of an object you can print? I can supply the file if anyone would like to see if they can print it on theirs. Link here (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/648 ... linder.stl).
4) In terms of the software, I am running it on a Mac and every now and then it will crash. Sometimes if I load a model or if I stop a print it will crash. Any people having these issues? Also with the software do I have to set the nozzle height each and every time I turn on the printer?

Appreciate any help and apologies if this has been repeated a billion times.


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Re: A few questions (warping, small objects and settings)

Post by Darkiwins » Mon Nov 09, 2015 6:07 pm

1.) Just download the Latest Software - start the Software - go to Tools - then on Install Rom and search in the Folder of the Software the Rom file :)

2.) Close your System heat the Bed up for 15min and then do your print - also use Glue! it helps a lot!

3.) The Wall of your Object has to be 0.6mm in your case its 0.5mm the up just ignores anything that is below 0.6mm wall.....
Maybe it works with the newest Software with the ( Thin wall Option ) :)

4.) You dont have to set the Nozzle High everytime.... buy an windows laptop for your up :-P

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