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Error: Can't Load Motion Program and serial number bug

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 1:25 am
by jhinkel
Hello everyone!
I work in a lab that has around 16 up minis hooked up to six computers (4 printers per computer), and I have one up mini in each computer cluster that is giving me some trouble.

First of all, all four of these troublesome printers show a serial number of "150999" instead of their true serial numbers when I try to select a printer from the list that comes up after I click "Print". In addition to this weird serial number bug, they also give me a constant "can't load motion program" error every time I try to print that seems to only be able to be cleared with the following procedure:

1. turn the printer off
2. close the printer software
3. turn the printer back on
4. reopen the printer software.

I did in fact try to reseat the SD card, but that did nothing to help the "can't load motion program" error that constantly comes up or the 150999 serial number.

I am completely out of ideas about how to address the serial number bug and the "can't load motion program error", so I would really appreciate any insight someone could give me on fixing this! Thanks so much for your help!!