New printer, no print goes right

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New printer, no print goes right

Post by tvd » Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:57 pm

I recently took my Up Mini in use. I uploaded the latest version of the software V2.13 and installed it.
I connected everything and fed the orginal ABS from UP3D.
I downloaded a small model (a pumpkin) to make my first print.
I initialized the printer and printed my first model.
It all seemed to went well, the first 2 cm was the pumpkin and then, for whatever reason, something happened.... I only got spagetti.

Since then, I am not able to print anything anymore. I calibrated, tried a little more or a little less distance than the suggested 2 sheets of paper.
With every print the nozzle seems to gradually run off the plateau. with about the fourth layer of printing either the nozzle gets outside the plateau range resulting in a movement error OR
the printer just stops because it is only producing spagetti.
All and all the problem continues to exist, no matter what I try. Everytime the result is somewhat like the attached picture (sometimes on a little different position). It looks like the positioning of the plateau changes per layer, so with everylayer it is moved away from the original position and when it gets to layer four (sometimes already with 3) it runs into an error situation. Of course I tried recalibration, cleaning the plateau, preheating the plateau for an hour... all the same results

Can anybody help me??? it is a somewhat expensive hobby to have such a printer and only being able to print half of a small pumpkin
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Re: New printer, no print goes right

Post by mr6k » Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:49 am

From your image it looks as though the head is not moving correctly and as though something is slipping. it looks as though the first raft layer, horizontal thick lines laid correctly but the second layer thin vertical lines was then offset, above and to the left of the first layer. These should be on top of each other. As they are offest, and thespagettis looks further offset, you will only then print spagetti as the extruder head is now printing in thin air, not layering onto the support.
If the printer is new then I would get it replaced. If not new then you need to check belts, gears etc are not slipping or jumping.


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Re: New printer, no print goes right

Post by Tiertime-Joseph » Fri Mar 13, 2015 2:52 pm

Hi tvd,

Sorry to hear that you had problem with your mini. Could you send an email to Our technical support team will help you resolve the issue.

Thank you


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