Just Got My UP! Mini, Any Tips?

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Just Got My UP! Mini, Any Tips?

Post by Marauderz » Mon Jun 16, 2014 2:05 pm

Hi all, I just got my UP! Mini printer during the weekend, already experienced a filament jam scenario, so I'm printing the new filament feeder from thingiverse. to replace it.

I'm from Malaysia, so ambient temperature around here is pretty much 30+ celcius I've got a few questions
- Do I need to store the reel in an air tight box if I'm not using it frequently? I read about how ABS absorbs moisture and this might cause issues
- I'm a bit confused about wheter or not to open the air flow gate near the nozzle head, the manual talks about opening it for BIG prints,
- I flipped the air flow gate switch to the 'close' position as indicated by the manual for my normal prints, but I can actually see air blowing the extruded filament away, I thought there shouldn't be any air when closing?
- When printing large models that takes hours, should I worry about how hot it gets in the printer? Should I leave the top door ajar, or just keep everything shut to keep the air in?

From me what I learned was, if you have Windows 8.1, you NEED to use the latest 2.12 drivers just released which are properly signed.

Also, here's what I did on the first day with my printer.

Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to play with my printer some more!

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