Horizontal warping / print resolution?

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Horizontal warping / print resolution?

Post by studiocaro » Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:23 am

Hi everyone.

I have posted a thread (like many people before me) a few days ago with the question why I get warping on the UP! mini doing slighty bigger prints than 5cm (about 8 cm), sometimes just in random places. I'm still not sure if this is my own or the machine's fault. After doing a lot of research I have temporarily solved this by making sure there is always ABS filling the perfboard holes, ramming the nozzle into the board almost, but as I said I'm not sure if the right printing method is supposed to be like that. Especially because now I have almost the extreme opposite where I have to really almost hurt myself to get the print off the perfboard :lol: But I don't complain now. This also involves me printing a fast raft layer (with almost zero space between the nozzle and the perfboard), stopping the print when this first layer is printed, to be sure ALL of the holes underneath my print will be filled. It seems if there are like 2 holes not being filled underneath where my print is gonna land, then it gets loose in those places. After that, with the first rammed-into-the-board-raft-layer left on, I print 'for real' right on top of it, with my settings on 'fine' and 'solid'. This does the trick, the raft/material sticks to the board very good when I do this. So in reality I have a little part of my raft layer printed double. It doesn't feel like the natural way to make my raft stick to the board steadily but it works so I just continue working like this.

However, my prints are almost perfect using this method, but I still get little spaces between horizontal layers. Like there is a little bit of horizontal warping whereas first I had a major problem with vertical wrapping.
I think this might involve print resolution, because I print at 0.2 and will try printing at the highest (which is about 0.35mm I think), but I'm not sure if this will change anything. I have printed before with different resolutions but this was also when I still had the vertical warping problem so I can't use those prints as a reference anymore.
So my question is, does changing the print resolution make a visible, physical difference in your prints? And does it have an importance involving warping?

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