Filament Oozing / Stringing from Extruder Nozzle

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Filament Oozing / Stringing from Extruder Nozzle

Post by Helicopter » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:18 am


Recently I have run into a weird issue.

After a (rare because I route filament through a bit of foam) nozzle clog, I exchanged the nozzle to a
brand new original one. Now, the Filament oozes out of the nozzle after extruding or withdrawing quite a bit
for 10-20 seconds. Before, it stopped right away. In the picture attached, you can see what happens when I
extrude, remove the extruded filament and then just wait a bit, the same happens when I just withdraw filament.

I have not changed anything except for the nozzle, not the filament, not the software, nothing. So I switched
the nozzle again to a new one (also Original Tiertime, it's the V2 nozzles) but that didn't cure the issue. Concerned
I might have actually somehow damaged the hotend during the change, or the heater or thermometer went bad,
I ordered a brand new complete original Tiertime hotend (again V2), but even with that, the issue is still there.

The problem is, this ruins any top surface of prints, because they will have a lot of false deposits and strings
on them, so right now the printer is pretty useless.

I have no idea what causes it, but I suspect it may have to do with a too high temperature (the temp
shown in the software during extrusion tops out about 274°C, and extrusion starts at 260°C, so this seems
normal, but maybe the thermometer is wrong?). I am not sure if it might have to do with an issue with
retraction of the motor after an extrusion, but since the same oozing happens during a "withdraw" command,
I guess not (but I might be wrong of course).

Filament: Original Tiertime UP ABS ONLY (Never used any other Filament)
Software: UP 2.15, ROM 6.090 Firmware 3.07
Printer: Stock UP Plus 2, No modifications
This setup worked perfectly fine for a long time like this.

Has anyone experienced this before and what could be the cause?
Any help will be much appreciated!

Kind Regards
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