error initialize after cpu upgrade

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error initialize after cpu upgrade

Post by teji » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:08 pm

My up plus 2 was working fine.
I decided to do the cou upgrade to use wifi.
the procedure work fine, i make the validation process. the printer is detected via usb and via wifi.
Then cpu work fine.
when i try to initialiste, it make some mouvement, but never stop. it goes up (half heigt), a little down. then total up.
After, the plate goes front and never and to try to go "more front". it make an terrible noise.
and don't finalise initialisation :-(
when i put back the old cpu, it work fine ....
old cpu is version 307, and new 353.
up studio is
i know that common answer is "bad cpu, exchange it, it cost 1000$".... but here CPU work (otherwise, no wifi, no usb, ....)
must i recalibrate ? is there something i miss ?
Thanks for your help !

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