Printer Disconnected After Initializing Print

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Printer Disconnected After Initializing Print

Post by motoyoyo » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:15 pm

I have an Up Plus2 printer that has been working great since I purchased it in 2013. Virtually no problems, other than the very occasional clogged nozzle. Lately though, I have been having an issue with a "printer disconnected" problem that occurs only after the print has started. The printer still works fine, and completes every print I send to it. However, it will always show "printer disconnected" at some point during the print or as soon as the print finishes, which requires a reboot after each print. I am using the standard Up version 2.11 software. Could this possibly be an indication of a failing motherboard or usb connection, or perhaps a ROM update might be required?

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