About "ERROR: Sensor is not connected" on UP Plus 2

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About "ERROR: Sensor is not connected" on UP Plus 2

Post by sdaau » Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:55 pm

Hi all,

I finally managed to get rid of this error - so I thought I'd document and share here.

We have three UP Plus 2 printers here, and when I started testing them, I got "ERROR: Sensor is not connected" on the first one I tested during the "Auto Level" calibration. I thought that I had connected everything well, so this indicated to me that maybe some damage occured during transport, so then I moved on to the second one, which did not have this problem. Finally I started with the third one, and got again "ERROR: Sensor is not connected" - and I thought, it cannot be that two out of three printers are so damaged, so it must be something with my connection. It turns out - it is, but it is not exactly trivial - so I thought I'd post about it.

I took three pictures that are available on http://imgur.com/a/0Kqjb - otherwise click on the thumbnails to be taken to their respective imgur page for full res images.

First there is this:

Basically, you can see that here, the board extends a bit further than the platform level calibration device's (the sensor's) body; one out of tree sensor devices we have behaves like this (the board gets pushed beyond the body limits when force is applied to push the 3.5mm jack into sensor), the two other don't.

This did obscure my view in some cases, so if you notice something like that, simply push the board back so it is inside the sensor device's body.

Then, there is this:

The thing is - when I push the 3.5mm jack of the cable into the sensor device, it naturally stops when in the shown position; this is what made me assume there is a proper connection. However, notice that at this time, there is still a bit of metal from the 3.5mm jack visible - and it turns out, this was the problem on one of the machines.

Then I tried pushing the 3.5mm jack a bit more, and then it "clicked" again when I pushed it to the end:

Notice here, the piece of metal is not visible anymore - and this finally started working properly for me ...

On the other machine, the problem was again a similar loose connection - but on the back 3.5mm connector of the printer!

So, if you happen to get this error - double-check your 3.5mm connections...

Hope this helps someone!

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