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STrange axis behaviour

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:58 am
by cadcam
After a numbr of years of solid service one of my Plus' has started to do something strange. It had just completed a model and while I was cleaning up the model the unit started to make a knocking sound as though it was trying to extrude and was blocked. I tried initialising the system and it continued to knock. Switching off and then re -initialising seemed to stop things. Being distracted i came back to find the bed was now touching the head, i.e. had risen to the top after initialising. Thinking I may have had a temperature issue I switched off and left overnght, Switching on the knocking sound came back but initialising the system seemed to work and the knocking sound stopped. However, while pondering the situation I watched as the bed slowly began to rise and the print head slow began to drift to the right until they collided. Switching off again and reinitialising seemed to reset things again so I tried to extrude material, to find that the system had obviously at some point tried to withdraw the filament.

It then sat for ~30min stationary and quiet but then started to knock again. Re extruding some material seemed to calm things down again.

Has anyone seen similar behaviour? I had wondered if it was USB noise, but the cable hasn't be disturbed and the computer is the one that has been used on the system for a while. Also I don't fully see why USB noise should have the same action each time, I would expect more random behaviour or a locking of the machine.

Many Thanks for any thoughts