UP 2 Mini dragging

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UP 2 Mini dragging

Post by mawalsh » Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:47 pm

I purchased an UP 2 Mini a few months ago and have been using it for camps with youth this summer. Today I was trying to print out some models for my upcoming camp and ran into a problem. For the last couple of weeks when running prints the printer nozzles rumbles and when building the support bed seems to be dragging across the print table and first few layers of support material. It seems to go away after the first two or three layers are down. I set the nozzle height to be about a business card width away from the printer bed. Today when trying to print I set it up the same way and the same problem occurred and this time it was even more extreme and seemed to be dragging the plastic away with it. The rumbling was so bad it almost sounded like a gun was going off. I stopped the print and noticed in one area that the plastic was being drug and falling off the plate.

I have another Up 2 Mini and ran the exact same job, and have had no problems with that one. It is not dragging and is not rumbling. Any suggestions on what the problem might be and what I can do to fix it.

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