total piece of crap

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total piece of crap

Post by southoz » Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:10 am

been having non stop issues with this printer , last thing that got replaced last month was a linear bearing , as soon as i put it in and did all the calibrations , i only had enough fulfillment to print out the calibration model an a few other tiny things and all was well , it's been idol for weeks until i got new fulfillment today , so I know this printer and all the settings would have changes ... and i was right , i did all the calibration test 3 times , when i was in the maintenance window of the software i told it go to bottom , it kept saying it stopped at 3.45 when it was at bottom , ok turned it off , re initiated it again , did the auto level again an the nozzle height again , saved them an re initiated once more , loaded the calibration model an started printing , ok first five minutes or so ok .. then there was a LOUD bang , the printer was shuttering and it jumped , immediately turned it off , when removing the perfboard from the heat bed i noticed it was wobbly , not mm but a good cm or so , i have checked the linear bearing an that is in place with all nuts an bolt put in solidly , i also noticed at the time the entire x axis arm itself was wobbly , this machine has had no end of problems since i have had it (7 moths old) , what does it take to get a replacement machine . I'v sent a video to the Australia support company an told them over the phone I am NOT excepting this machine back again , I'll let you know what decision they come to

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Re: total piece of crap

Post by wilsonj » Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:14 pm

Hopefully you can get this sorted out soon.

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