Nozzle temp sensor? Cant find replacement part

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Nozzle temp sensor? Cant find replacement part

Post by Mingra » Mon Jan 19, 2015 1:32 pm

I bought a used Plus2 off ebay and it works great. Just one main problem/concern on initial startup.
I also own a Mini and on the print head assembly there is what I believe a temperature sensor strip in close proximity to the hot end. I'm guessing this is to regulate temp. When I stated up the Plus2 to extrude filament the nozzle temp just skyrocketed up to 300 degrees with no sense of leveling off so I shut it down.

So my guess is this strip in necessary on the Plus 2 hot end assembly too? i can seem to find a replacement part in the store or even a photo or post online discussing it (not sure of its proper name either).

Also seems like the build plate isnt getting heat. I'm showing 20 degrees in the software with no movement. It has a new motherboard so I know that isnt the problem. Im assuming its the platform heater v3?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Trying to get this machine back "UP"

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