UP Plus - Z Calibration

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UP Plus - Z Calibration

Post by cadcam » Mon May 26, 2014 5:20 am

I am trying to improve the accuracy of my models and have been using the Calibrate option with a number of test pieces.

While I seem to be able to adjust the xy scaling and I am getting some fairly accurate models +/- 0.2 mm over a few cm the accuracy in Z seems more of a problem. I seem to have a linear error of about 0.2 mm/10mm of z model, I have been testing with a stepped model. There is no lean (z) error as measured with the calibration piece, which also shows an error with H (the Z measurement) being around 40.4 -40.5. Adjusting H in the calibration doesn't seem to adjust the numbers in the blue surround or any subsequent built models. (Rescaling in meshlab gives accurate models, but is not ideal!)

I notice some previous posts about similar issues, is there a reliable solution?


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