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Feature list

Post by don_kleinschnitz » Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:47 pm

My main complaints with the printer is its software:
  • -You can only do one thing (single threaded) at a time [like when you initialize, I cannot go set the platen heater until it is done].
    --I use a sequence to set the printer up each time I use it. I have to sit an wait for each of these steps to complete including watch the platen heat
    -There is no automation in the setup of the printer for doing routine setup tasks
    -There is no alarm when the platen is heated and it starts to cool down as soon as it goes through the one hr cycle. If I leave the room and forget I have to reheat the platform. I am heating the platform more than I need to because I miss the "platen heated and ready" event.
    -Sometimes (don't know why) the "print" dialog comes up with a blank top position and I have to re-run height to get the right value.
    -Sometimes (haven't pinned down the exact conditions) if I stop the print after starting it but before it physically starts i cant get to the "initialize, set height, level functions.
    -No api to the printer so I cannot interface it to the web to give status (I am often away from the printer and want a notification on my phone what is going on)
    -No sensor that tells me the extruder is feeding filament correctly
    -Nothing cleans the filament before it enters the printer
    -The platen takes to long to heat up
Provide a program-able setup sequence so that the printer will automatically go through a set of steps when invoked. The printer can beep and ask for user input between these steps if necessary (like to change the cable).
-heat platen, alarm when done
-check height
-level platform
-platen ready alarm
Set the software up for multi-threading
Add a sensor wheel integrated with a foam cleaner accessory to the filament input. It can be a stand alone thingy
Provide an API that exposes these functions to an external controller which "maker" would make and connect to the internet:
-Query printer:
--extruder temperature
--platen temperature
--time to complete print
--current layer
--total layers
--error code
- A programmable alert duration function that if turned on will keep the alarm beeping until the operator responds at the console for certain alarm conditions that need the operator to know (platen heated). Could integrate this with the programmable sequence.
Fast platen heat. Modern clothes irons have as much mass but take much less time to heat.
-Change the platen heater to 2x the wattage and initially hit is with 2x the voltage until close to set point and then drop voltage by 1/2

I have given these suggestions to my UP distributor and gotten no response. I am a hardware/software engineer myself and long ago leaned that you create loyal customers (who buy your filament etc) by paying attention (that means implement) their customers suggestion.

I see many suggestions being submitted and based on the minimal improvements in V2.11 I don't think the engineers of this product are listening. I get how much work it is to release a quality version of software, I am patient with that. The challenge is that I don't see a backlog, have no idea what is being planned or worked on.
That is unfortunate because I think this is the best mechanically designed printer out there but its software is marginal. I used a MAKERBOT before this and it failed constantly but the software, especially the new versions, are leaps ahead of what we are using.

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